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Our company, Betas Glass Mosaic, is one of the oldest Glass Mosaic manufacturers in Turkey and the pioneer of its sector, which was founded as a dream in FIRUZKÖY, AVCILAR, ISTANBUL in 1984 and focused on producing only glass mosaics with 100% capacity since1989.

Between 1989 and 1999, Betaş provided services in the supply of products for building exterior application & coating projects in many construction sectors in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the most basic principle of our company was determined. By carefully observing the development of the Glass Mosaic industry in the millennium, investments in production technologies and qualified personnel have been made, and export moves have been started by reaching the level that can offer the best quality products not only to the construction sector in Turkey, but also to foreign Glass Mosaic manufacturers.

In line with the steps taken for Betas Glass Mosaic to be the most successful export company in its sector, the changing market conditions were followed on time and on site; the production of niche products suitable for Pool, Spa, Turkish bath and all kinds of wet floor projects has started.

For the first time in its sector in Turkey, Betas Glass Mosaic has switched to a groundbreaking quality & technical product production system in the Glass Mosaic sector by using Italian technologies.

In 2008, Betaş started the new mosaic production system, DOT mounting system, the first and only company who could provide this application system in Turkey. With this new technology, Betaş increased its success in exports.

The developing and renewed production sector has been followed closely by our company and in 2018, Betaş moved the bar to a point that is hard to reach by its competitors; the polyurethane adhesive application system or “POLYBOND” as we call it, has started.

Since its establishment, Betaş Cam Mozaik always been a leader and pioneer in its sector. Our first goal has been to bring Turkish Made products, which has been produces with pride, to its very valuable customers in more than 30 foreign countries in front of its foreign competitors.

Our country's gain is our gain.

As long as Betas Glass Mosaic exists, Production, Employment, Quality and Export will be our first priority.

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