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Pool Mosaics » Glass Mosaics » Bahamian Series

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Pool Mosaics » Glass Mosaics » Bahamian Series

Glass Mosaic Tile

The raw material for glass mosaic is waste glass. Betas Recycled Glass Mosaics are made from 100% recycled glass. Pool tiles for swimming pools are the trend models for customers.


Betas Glass Mosaic

Betas Glass Mosaic is a leading company in the manufacture of glass mosaics. With 36 years of experience, Betas Glass Mosaic is committed to a business project based on innovation, quality, and excellence. Betas Glass Mosaic operates in more than 60 countries around the world. Betas Glass Mosaic is the largest pool tile manufacturer in Turkey.


Pool Mosaics

Betas Glass Mosaic is an indisputable reference in the field of pool and spa decoration. Its natural textures, water effects, and a rich tonal variety create visual beauty and refreshing sensations. Betas Glass Mosaic provides the highest quality and high performance in swimming pool applications. Refresh your pool with our attractive collections. New models for pool tiles. Glass mosaics are durable. Recycled glass mosaics have high resistance to water pressure in swimming pools.


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