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How is the glass mosaic applied?

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How is the glass mosaic applied? | Betas

The ground to be applied to the glass mosaic, the surface should be very smooth first. Because if the mosaic floor is not flat, it can show an unpleasant look to the rugged eye. The use of cement-based adhesives during glass mosaic applications will help you avoid future problems. Epoxy, acrylic glass mosaic adhesives are likely to affect glass mosaics. It is also important to note that if the application surface is not covered with a cement based coating material, this also means that you will have a problem in the future. Let's say you've got gypsum plaster on your wall, and you've glued glass mosaics over that plaster plaster. This gypsum plaster can affect some types of glass mosaics in time by chemical interaction and may cause color degradation. What kind of glass mosaics may be affected by this question comes to mind immediately; In this subject, the type of crystal mosaics, which are generally called as cold painted from the crystal mosaic series, ie 900 celcius heat, is the type of crystal mosaics.

The glass mosaic adhesive is applied to the surface with a suitable fine comb, then the mesh glass mosaic plates are placed on the surface individually. Placed glass mosaic plates must complete each other's joint. Otherwise, the plates are formed from the fact that these joints are not bonded in a balanced and harmonious manner. This can definitely create an unwanted image. The glued glass mosaics are usually ready for the application of the joint filler after a period of time, after which the ceramic glue has been pulled slightly. The use of a suitable joint sealant for glass mosaics is also very important. In the kitchens, you can prefer antibacterial grouting as a glass mosaic joint. Attention should be paid to color matching. In general, application of a more light grout from the applied glass mosaic should be preferred to make the glass mosaics appear. Crystal glass mosaic tile crystal glass mosaic ceramic crystal mosaic application is the same way.

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