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The worlds largest mosaic museum

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The worlds largest mosaic museum | Betas

On the one hand continues the process of moving historical monuments in Turkey's largest exhibition hall has the distinction of having the Antakya Archaeological Museum and the ongoing construction.

Antakya Archeology Museum, which lost its title as the second mosaic museum of the world with the Zeugma Museum opened in Gaziantep, will get this title on 29 October. In the ongoing museum, the process of moving the historical artifacts started. Some of the works that will be exhibited in the new museum were brought to the construction of the museum and they started to be arranged by expert teams in the halls where they will be exhibited.

35 thousand 433 historical artifacts will be exhibited in the new museum which will be built on a 53 thousand 559 square meter land but kept in the warehouses of the existing Archeology Museum due to lack of space. The most important feature of the museum is that it will have the largest exhibition area in the world in terms of mosaic artifacts. Antakya Mosaic Museum will have a total area of ??16 thousand square meters and a total covered area of ??32 thousand 754 square meters and 800 visitors can visit the museum at the same time.

The exhibitions belonging to all civilizations hosted by Hatay, especially Hatay, will be exhibited in a total of 10 thousand 700 square meters in 9 different themes. The museum will include a 400 square meter children's museum, 2 workshops, an application center, 2 verbal course rooms, 97 square meters of souvenir sales centers, a 250 square meter library and archive section, a parking lot of 88 cars for guests, staff and visitors' vehicles and a 347 square meter cafe and there will be a rest area. The new museum will also have a 222-seat meeting room.

Starting from the entrance of the museum consisting of 16 blocks, many parts of the history will shed light on the history of Hatay. Those who will visit the museum will be given information about the artifacts exhibited in the museum, and the sculptures of the Hittite King Şuppiluliuma will be shown in 3-year history.

When the museum is completed, it will have a larger exhibition area in the Zeugma Museum in Gaziantep. With the opening of the Zeugma Museum, Hatay, which has the title of ünvan the biggest museum van lost to Gaziantep, will be taken back on 29 October Republic Day.

The steps taken by the expert teams in the Archaeological Museum of Antakya gradually moved to the new museum building. On the one hand, the historical artifacts brought gradually while the construction is going on are re-arranged by the expert teams in the halls where they will be exhibited. At the same time due to lack of space can not be exhibited until today, the works are taken from the warehouses and brought to the new museum and care is done here.

Turkey's richest, the most extensive exhibition area with a mosaic museum also still unable to unearthed artifacts will be exhibited in Hatay due to lack of space in the various regions. The excavations were carried out at various points of Hatay and excavated by excavations, but due to lack of space, the works have been accelerated in order to carry them to the new museum.

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