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How to cut glass with diamond?

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How to cut glass with diamond? | Betas

To cut the glass, it is necessary to draw the glass to be cut. You can use glass diamond for drawing. However, the surface of the glass to be cut must be clean. The selection of the diamond to be used in glass cutting is important. The selection of diamonds according to the thickness of the glass is very important.
There are varieties of diamonds according to the angles of sharpening.

The angles given above show the information you need to use in the selection according to the thickness of the glass. Small angles for thin glasses and large angles for thick glass are preferred.
The pressure to be applied to the plaster is very important, but this is a skill that requires skill and skill. However, as a rule, it is essential to cut glass by applying as little pressure as possible.
In the choice of diamonds, it is important to choose diamonds whether they are straight or shaped or not, because you need to choose separate diamonds for separate, shaped cuts for straight cuts.

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