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Mosaic - Wikipedia | Betas

Selimiye Mosque Dome Small, different, three-dimensional pieces on a surface next to each other by creating a picture-building technique and the resulting work is called mosaic.This technique, which was first created by the Sumerians [categorized] by pottery fragments, which were created by the Sumerians [sources] five years ago, is now practiced in two forms:

Generally, immerse the particles on the ground material consisting of cement.
Laying plaster between glued parts.
As a particle, a wide variety of materials, from ceramics to metal, from wood to glass, can be used together in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Mosaic comes to mind when the works of the Roman Empire were created. Parts of these mosaics made of glazed ceramics, mostly used in city sidewalks, squares and house courtyards, may be as small as a few millimeters. Mosaics in Gaziantep Archeology Museum and in the ancient city of Zeugma are among the best examples of this period. Antakya district of Hatay also contains an outstanding collection of mosaics from the Roman period.

The Byzantines, who specialize in wall and ceiling mosaics, are famous for using plates produced in Italy as a particle and made of thick, colored glass (Smalti). In this period, the windows were placed at different angles and without any plaster to better direct the light. In some designs, silver or gold leaves were attached to the back of the windows. Rather than the Roman mosaics that depicted religious images, the Byzantines created the mosaics of the aristocracy.

Islamic culture is famous for the mathematical richness it brings to mosaic patterns. Even though glass cubes and stones were used in some places, Islamic artifacts were used for the pattern in general, and later, the tiles were used to fit the edges and the tile plates (Zillij) were used.

Antoni Gaudi opened a new application channel to the technique by covering the seats in the Guell Park with mosaics. These mosaics can be shown as the first example of collage technique because they occur by rearranging ceramic products created for different purposes. The original name of the ceramic coating technique applied by Gaudi is "trencadis" and it is a Catalan word. It is the wearing of a building with ceramic and glass pieces that will not be used. Many modern artists, including Chagall and Picasso, have created their works in the form of mosaics and enriched the themes of mosaic works. Today, mosaics are used in many different places, from furniture decoration to floor coverings, from building coatings to room partitions. Topics range from abstract concepts to hyperrealistic portraits.

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