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How to cut glass mosaic?

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How to cut glass mosaic? | Betas

Glass mosaic, crystal mosaic, crystal glass mosaic may sometimes need to be cut to ensure that the finishes are uniform during application. Since our glass mosaics are made entirely from glass, they are actually small glass particles. You should draw our glass mosaics firstly with the glass diamond. However, if you don't have a glass diamond, you can also draw with ceramic tile cutting machine. According to Mohs hardness scale, the hardness of the glass is 6-7. Because quartz is harder than glass, it easily draws the glass.

Drawing a glass doesn't mean we cut our mosaics. We should do the crushing process immediately after drawing the glass mosaics. Because 2-3 minutes after drawing, the glass starts to cool down, so it becomes difficult to break the glass drawn and becomes impossible after a certain period of time. Well, we want to break the glass we want to break but we can not break the way we want to see the shape and size of the way we want. OK OK Keep your hands wide Betaş is your solution partner as a glass mosaic. In fact, the solution is very easy first, you have to have 2 pincers, if you don't have a pliers, 2 pliers will do the same, or a pliers will have a pliers. You can break the mosaics that you have previously drawn in the shape and size you want, by pinching the two nippers out of 1-2 mm. If you are cutting a glass mosaic that is larger than the mouth of the pliers, you can put a hard object under the pincers' mouths and break the glass mosaics as you wish by providing the pressure on the glass along the line drawn. However, do not try to break your hand, because small glass particles will cause you to cut your hand.

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