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Glass - Vikipedi | Betas

Glass is an inorganic amorphous solid which is usually used in transparent or translucent form, which is usually hard, brittle and allows the storage of liquids. [1] Since ancient times, glass is used as construction and ornaments. Nowadays, there is still a widespread usage area from the simplest tools to communication and space technologies.

The glass is a fluid material consisting of a solution of the precipitated alkali and alkaline earth metal oxides and some other metal oxides, and the main material (SiO2) is silicon. The glass solidifies by preserving its amorphous structure. Due to the rapid cooling during production, the amorphous structure is formed instead of the crystal structure. This structure gives the glass strength and transparency. It is sometimes called liquid because it does not show the crystallization properties in solids. This naming is mainly due to the amorphous (non-crystalline, non-crystalline) structure.

The history of the glass dates back to ancient times. The earliest known glass items are the ancient Egyptian beads of approximately 2500 BC, although it is not clear when it was first produced. [2] In later Egyptian findings, glass vessels with colored zigzag patterns similar to feathers are found. In the modern sense, glass-making mosaic is found in Alexandria and the ancient Roman civilizations during Ptolemaic period. [2]

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